From Click to Conversion: How to Make Your Amazon Ads More Effective

In the podcast, Adam Mellot and Arqam Cheema delve into the world of advertising and explore strategies for managing your ads effectively. Learn about the importance of taking a holistic approach to ad management by considering the product level and its impact on overall performance. Explore the essential basics of PPC from a different perspective, offering insights into key practices that can enhance your ad campaigns. Understand the do’s and don’ts of Amazon PPC, providing tips and tricks to help you optimize your ads on the platform. Gain insights on how to drive sales through your ad campaigns, highlighting the key factors that can influence your success in this area. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the world of digital advertising and take your ad campaigns to the next level.

Revealing the Amazon Optimization Secrets That Can 3x Your Revenue


This podcast with Daniela Bolzmann covers a wide range of topics related to digital marketing and business growth. Gain insights into the listing funnel and its steps, learn how to convert clicks effectively, and navigate the listing hierarchy. In the podcast, we also delve into common hindrances to a brand’s growth, exploring reasons why brands may struggle to scale and how to scale them effectively. Additionally, the podcast addresses the battle of titles when it comes to SEO optimization and the significant difference between average and optimized PPC.

Maximizing Q4 Results: Cutting-Edge Amazon Marketing Techniques


In this episode of the podcast, we’re talking about all things digital advertising!  Victor Dwyer and Arqam Cheema are dishing out some seriously useful tips for controlling those pesky high CPCs and nailing your SD campaign bids. We also discuss about why low customer acquisition products are so important and when to raise prices in Q4. We’ve got some great examples and practical advice to share, so whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode!

The Power of Conversion: How to Turn High Traffic into Big Sales


In this episode, Tyler Gregg dives into the world of Google Ads, discussing common mistakes that advertisers make and how to avoid them. Gain insider tips on the best match types to use for optimal results. But that’s not all – the podcast also explores the ROI of Google Ads and how to track and measure your campaign’s success. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of digital advertising, this episode is jam-packed with valuable insights and actionable advice that you won’t want to miss. Tune in and take your Google Ads game to the next level!

Mastering PPC Automation: A Deep Dive into the Do’s and Don’ts of Bulk Accounts


In this podcast, two PPC experts, Mark Greening and Arqam Cheema, come together to explore a range of topics related to PPC marketing. Learn about the essential steps of the PPC marketing funnel, including how it works and what strategies can be used to audit and optimize campaigns. The podcast also covers tips for using the right keywords and systems to optimize PPC campaigns, as well as advice on when to use tools versus manual restructuring. Whether you’re a seasoned PPC marketer or just starting out, the podcast is packed with practical advice and actionable insights to help you improve your campaigns and drive better results. Tune in to hear from the experts and take your PPC marketing to the next level!

Transform Your Inventory Management and Logistics with Proven Strategies


In this podcast, we’ll be discussing a range of strategies for managing your inventory when you’ve stocked out. Gain value packed insights about everything, from the best ways to avoid stock-outs in the first place to the most effective strategies for recovering inventory once it’s gone. We discuss efficient pricing strategies for low-selling products, as well as share some of the best practices that you can use to make 2023 your most profitable year yet. If you’re struggling with managing your inventory or are looking to take your business to the next level, then this episode is definitely for you. So sit back, and join us as we explore the world of inventory management!