Mastering PPC Automation: A Deep Dive into the Do’s and Don’ts of Bulk Accounts

  • Episode: 4
  • In the podcast, Mark Greening reveals the essential do's and don'ts of winning PPC strategies, along with a highly structured PPC funnel.

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In this podcast, two PPC experts, Mark Greening and Arqam Cheema, come together to explore a range of topics related to PPC marketing. Learn about the essential steps of the PPC marketing funnel, including how it works and what strategies can be used to audit and optimize campaigns. The podcast also covers tips for using the right keywords and systems to optimize PPC campaigns, as well as advice on when to use tools versus manual restructuring. Whether you’re a seasoned PPC marketer or just starting out, the podcast is packed with practical advice and actionable insights to help you improve your campaigns and drive better results. Tune in to hear from the experts and take your PPC marketing to the next level!